Shamanism Episodes and their Categories

Shamanism has always evolved in each new time, place, and technical development. It is a system for asking how we do things in the right way, in a way that is good for all living things. Shamanism is the technology of how humans create a precise, practical, direct working relationship with the energies of the invisible world for guidance in how to live sustainably and respectfully, for healing and transforming through the use of plants, practices, and ritual, and for guidance in using power responsibly.

In the shows I explore how we use the practices by which we ask spirit for help and how we live today by principles that wisely acknowledge the literal interconnection of all things. Our Categories emerge from our efforts to live ancient shamanic principles in our contemporary lives. Our actions inspire questions and questions inspire shows.

In the left sidebar you’ll find a list of all available categories that my episodes are sorted into. Find a topic that interests you and click on the link – you will be taken to a page listing all of the podcast episodes assigned to that specific topic. You may also navigate to an episode category by using the category list available in the Episodes drop down list at the top of the page.

Once on the category page, click on the title of an episode to be taken to the individual page where you will be able to listen to the shamanism podcast. Or mouse-over the “View Details” icon to see an excerpt of the podcast before clicking on a title.